Thursday, 9 July 2009

Where has the time gone and HOW DO I USE

Well I really do not know where the year so far has gone not a lot of crafting done been busy with family problems still sorting them out at the moment I am chasing my tail as my Hubby puts it. a few shows we have managed to attend one just last week about the 4th July went to Newbury Racecourse. Now what I want to know is how do I use Promakers Pen and No one laugh I have never used them at all so a new adventure for me.

I am at the moment designing invites and have got stuck on the wording so I am trying to work out if its "Request the pleasure of" or is it "Request the pleasure of your company" not sure yet.

Plus I have to put away everything that I bought at the last Craft Show and I must at sometime really clear out my Craft Room perhaps one day next year it really does need doing may have to have some help with that one. It will be fun I know that. right back to drinking my cuppa and check out a new Crafting CD that I have got.

Now do I go to Ally Pally in September!!!!!! or is it November , No its September better start the saving jar Know all I need is someone to remind me Not To Buy Any Card. take care jan

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Actually Made a new card

I actually made myself some me time, I have what I can only describe as a Few Busy Months ahead and I nearly cancelled going to Alexandra Palace for the Rubber Stamping Show but got told Off for even thinking of doing that as I really need to allow myself some Me time and catch up with friends so Off to Ally Pally in April as originally planned. The card I made the image comes from a CD called ART DECO lovely CD but I must start stamping again when I get the time!!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Quick Post

this really is a quick post not made any cards due to a family emergency that came up will post again soon take care jan

Saturday, 28 February 2009

these cards I made the images were off 3 Cd's most of the ladies were from Art Deco Timeless Keepsakes the other images were from Joanna Sheen CD's and a CD called Fashion Flair.

Well I Found Something Never Used

Well I have just been looking around my craft supplies and come across I think its plastic which you heat and comb whilst hot never used so have sent my hubby off to get me a baking sheet and then on Sunday I think it will be a hit and miss trial for me as I have never used this before will let you know how it goes. jan

Friday, 27 February 2009

Well this is my first time at Blogging I am sure some one will be kind and let me know if something needs to be changed, I lost my Mum 2 years ago and did a Scrapbook for a very good friendof my Mum and decided that I would do one for myself which I am showing here its taken all this time because how do you decide which photo's to use. All are special and believe me there has been laughter and tears in this house whilst doing it.

Mum knew I was into card making before she died and knew that I was in contact with many friends as a result I am happy to say she even joined in making cards with me, if she could see now how one of our bedrooms has become a craft room and how many of us meet up at craft shows she would laugh. I am married to Keith who is a lovely man and has been known to cook a meal or two. jan