Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I have not posted in some time

I am a bit naughty as I have not posted in some time crafting for me has been put on hold for a little bit I still go to craft fair's but at the moment my crafting stuff has been put away until I have got all the builders out the house, we started to have a Kitchen done back in February and we thought we were finally finished 8 weeks Later!!!!!

No such luck it has been one scary thing after another and at the moment we are waiting to have the floor taken up which was brand new and then relaid again. In the meantime my lovely hubby is being a Knight in shinning Armour and takes me out most weekends, the last weekend just gone we were in Kent at a certain shop and then went on to Eastbourne staying overnight in a hotel.

As soon as I can I will start to make cards again as long I have not lost my mojo which at the moment is flat and vanished into the depths of the Kitchen.